Our Fitness partner , the room next-door :

For who ?


You are tired of the fitness clubs where you are left alone without any guide ? You are motivated but you don't know what to start with , what exercice is good for you , which one is bad ?

You are afraid to get injured , or you already feel something abnormal when performing certain movements ? You want to get a better service ? You want the diversity of trainings ?

Then our concept is made for you .

Our concept :

We are providing individual coaching or group coaching with different workouts everyday to make each session a unique experience . 

The sessions have a limited amount of participants . That way it allows optimum quality and surveillance , in order to insure the perfect execution of each movement .

That way the risk of injury is lowered and in any case trigger point techniques can be applied to solve the problem .

Our méthods:

We consider that the more various is the approach , the better are the results. 


Among the techniques : Crossfit , Calisthenics , TRX , Bosu , Kettelbell , Sandbells and much more ...


More and more the fitness machines are known as being armfull for the good function of your body , the functional training will get you stronger and more resistant for everyday's life . The trend of functional training is coming from USA , Canada and Australia , the countries that innovate the most about Fitness and wellbeing . 


The goal of functional training is to transform your body in a better tool . 

You 'll become stronger , faster , more explosive , better balanced , more endurent and you 'll say goodbye to all your back pains .

Our coaches:

No more danger of non qualified trainers . Each of our coaches are qualified and certified trainers . They all benefits from a continuous education ... So do you .



We did arrange some special schedules in parallel with the dance schedule in order for the parents to benefits from a session while their children are dancing . Great for the parents who cares about their health .



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