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Lady jazz (16+), 19H Mondays, Laura


  • 1 heure
  • 233-241 Rue de beggen

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Politique d'annulation

If you are new , please contact us before to book any room. +352691892224 We need to know if your activity is not damageable for our equipment neither being in concurrence for our services. The booking will be paid on the spot , leaving cash money in envelopes inside the room. Don't forget to mark your booking name on it. The room should be left in the same condition as received. The equipment back at it's own position , not in a different place. You should have a look at the videos about the room you will use in order to respect the rules. . À booking can't be canceled less than 24hours before. Also 1 early cancelation every 6 bookings will be free. Any extra cancelation will be due. The reason is to avoid blocking the schedule for nothing. You don't want it for yourself, we don't want it for ourself. Ask for the code the day before your visit. You will need it to access the room. It's your responsability to ask for the code.


  • 233-241 Rue de beggen, Luxembourg Beggen, 1221, LUX

    + +352691892224

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