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The dates of trimesters and schedule corrections

Hello everyone , we updated in the page trimesters all the dates of classes starting from september 2022 and ending in july 2023.

We also made the schedule corrections as Claudia will not be here for the first trimester. And Laura made a schedule modification on tuesdays.

here is the new schedule

You can have a look at it in the page grille des cours. You can also download it as a picture to have it always with you.

We also added calisthenics and fitness preparation for kids from 8 to 16 years on tuesdays and thursdays .

If you want your kids to be in good shape and having the best mindset for life, ... then you should not miss on that one.

The subscriptions will open in the next days. I will send you an e-mail as soon as the online system is ready.

Best regards

linden Kevin

Team rs dance

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